Gerda Flockinger

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  There is a variety and richness to the elegant jewellery of Gerda Flöckinger. A pioneer in every right, Flöckinger has reinvented - and continues to invent - fusion techniques on an elaborate and sophisticated level from the early 1960’s. Her meticulous control and intense emotional involvement with her work enable an impossibly fine balance between line, texture, metal and stone, yet the results appear stunningly effortless. Sensual, fluid, tactile, her jewellery gives immense pleasure to both wearer and viewer - instinctive artist, consummate creator, she is passionatey individual in all aspects of her creativity. Her work - with its beautiful colours and rich and subtle textures - is now at its most integrated and refined. Always marked by its expressive freedom, her jewellery also has an extraordinary physical presence. It is her instinct and vision, her belief in visual enrichment of the highest order, which makes her such a remarkable artist.